The Tracking Flow [infographic]

If you’re reading this post, chances are that you are very familiar with some of the statements that I’m making about tracking. Of course others can add to what you’re going to read below (and I invite you to comment below).

  1. Either you track or you don’t. There is no middle ground or approximation.
  2. If you want to track, don’t try to cut corners or take any shortcuts.
  3. Only practice will allow you to get over issues and troubleshoot missing conversions.
  4. Once you master the tracking mechanisms, you will always find additional things to track (= more $)

Watching a super affiliate setup a campaign is like watching Criss Angel doing magic (okay, maybe not that elaborate). They make it look easy and make  you feel like an ignorant. But remember: we all started on that very same spot and eventually realized  that there are no “hacks” or “tricks” to learn quickly.

Like anything else in life, being able to manage and track campaigns efficiently takes 2 things: Knowledge and Practice.

Some affiliates leave tracking aside only to realize that without a proper platform the chances of having their campaigns failing are relatively high.

When you understand and practice the “ins and outs” of tracking, you develop a sixth sense. You make smarter choices during campaign optimization and manage your traffic flow like the agile marketer you aim to be.

To get you on the right path – and to remind some others – this infographic describes the entire tracking flow, and how the different parties involved – visitor, traffic source, landing page, the tracking software, the affiliate network and eventually the advertiser – communicate data with each other, so you the hard working affiliates can see the fruits of your labor.

Conversion Tracking Flow

I’m fairly sure you know someone that has been struggling with tracking;) Share it with him/her and you’ll get some love back!


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