Exclusive Video Interview: The Beginner’s Guide To Tracking

beginner's guide video interview

Tracking might’ve been intimidating when you first started out since there’s not much content out there or set rules to learn quickly.

Sure you can go to conferences and get some tips, but the bottom line is it usually takes a lot of self starting and hands on experience.

To give you all a head start on your tracking journey, IMSource’ founder Greg Jeffries interviewed me on why to track, where to start, and how to do it effectively.

We’re happy to know that Greg considers TrackingDesk as one of his top affiliate tools to recommend to his users.

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To give you a brief overview, here’s what you’ll be seeing in the interview:

  • How to approach tracking when first starting out and the benefits.
  • What are the benefits of creating your own landing pages and/or promoting offers directly through affiliate networks.
  • Why tracking is a “must” even if you use analytics.
  • An overview of how to launch a campaign on TrackingDesk.

And Finally… The Interview!

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The Top 5 Tweetable Tips 

[bctt tweet=”You need to be tracking. If not it’s money blowing in the wind” username=”trackingdesk”] [bctt tweet=”People need to dig, research, & hustle, to be successful in #affiliatemarketing” via=”no”] [bctt tweet=”The 10% that goes the extra mile to design a landing page has a higher chance to convert” via=”no”] [bctt tweet=”You can only redirect traffic if you have a responsive landing page and/or website” via=”no”] [bctt tweet=”Google Analytics lets you collect data and you can redirect traffic with tracking” via=”no”]

Leave a comment with your story on how you got started in tracking and how it impacted your campaigns.