The TrackingDesk Platform

Learn about the TrackingDesk platform's building blocks and the role they play in your marketing workflows.

Traffic Sources & Ad Networks

Perfect attribution and tracking starts with the configuration of your marketing channels.

  • Dozens of integrated Traffic Sources
  • Postback URLs with multiple goals
  • Over 30 predefined parameters
  • Conversion Goal Mapping
  • Support for Webhooks

Affiliate Networks & Advertisers

Manage your advertisers, affiliate networks, offers and ecommerce sites properties.

Define targeting rules so you can easily build your marketing funnels.

  • Advanced conversion funnel tracking
  • Advanced user targeting rules 
  • Support for Deeplinking
  • Custom tracking parameters
  • Postback URL (s2s) & Pixel Tracking
  • Hundreds of affiliate networks integrations.
track landing pages and funnels

Landing Pages & Funnels

Add your marketing assets such as landing pages, websites or funnels.

  • Smart Call To Actions
  • Targeting Rules
  • Pass dynamic parameters
  • AB Testing

Campaign Management

The campaign management interface allows you to connect traffic sources, landing pages and offers. This is where you can apply targeting rules, landing page rotation, funnels and traffic distribution.

  • Direct-Linking Campaigns
  • Landing page rotation
  • SmartLinking campaigns
  • Smart Call to Action
  • Traffic Fallback Options
  • Organic Tracking Scripts

Analytics & Reports

The Analytics module gives you actionable insights on your campaign’s performances so you can make smart and quick decisions and boost your ROI.

  • Easily filter in/out traffic segments
  • Compare multiple campaigns
  • Group your stats with multiple dimensions,
  • Identify ROI positive traffic segments 
  • Identify top converting offers.