Get the Most From Your Search Spend

The PPC bidding war does not leave margin for errors. You need the tools and workflows to close the conversion loop from the initial impression to the last user’s action.

Benefits of Full Tracking & Attribution for your Search Campaigns

To fully benefit from Google and Bing search campaigns, you must track and attribute all conversions in your ads accounts. 

  • Improve Quality Score

    When Google engine knows that your ads are driving conversions, your QualityScore increases and your CPC lowers.

  • Identify profitable Keywords & Ads

    Knowing what is driving conversions will help you make smarter decision and focus on what matters.

  • Make informed decisions

    It allows you to make informed decisions on your ad spend for optimizing your ad campaigns.

  • Real Dollar Attribution

    You get real insights into how to optimize your ads for boosting ROI and applly different bidding strategies.

  • Google Ads Ready

    TrackingDesk integration allows you to seamlessly work with Google Ads & Benefit from all their platform's optimization features.

  • Affiliate Tracking

    Automatically send conversion data from any affiliate program to your Google Ads & Google Analytics account.