Solutions for Performance Marketers

Every digital marketer needs to measure something. Whether display ads, email marketing campaigns or search campaigns.

Conversion Tracking Platform
Track SEO Return On Investment

With TrackingDesk, you can instantly measure your SEO Return On Investment and know with precision which pages, generate sales and conversions. 

Google Ads Integration

Our built-in integration with Google Ads, allows you to fully benefit from the Google CPA optimizer and scale your business with confidence.

Track Email Marketing Campaigns

Go beyond the “open” and “click” metrics by attributing conversion and sales to your subscribers. 

Track Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Promote your content across social media networks and get the full attribution and measurement of each of your posts, messages or twits.

Track Native Ads & Display Ads

Run and optimize any ad campaigns with ease, through our builtin integrations, and get actionable insights on your top traffic segments.

Feature Use Cases

The platform’s flexibility allows you to implement it across any type of marketing flow, and any marketing context.

Top 10 Review Sites

Run your Top 10 Review campaigns across any type of ad networks, and instantly optimize traffic sources and traffic distribution.

Funnel Tracking

Benefit from 5 built-in conversion goals to optimize your sales funnels.

Agency Solution

Add your attribution data layer on top of your advertisers to get full credit for your marketing performances.

Smart Link campaigns

Build your own smartlinks and monetize any type of traffic using custom targeting rules such as device targeting, OS, Browser, Language or day parting.

Referral partners

Easily track referral partners conversions and send them conversion reports to their marketing tools or reports.

Lead Generation

Built in features to collect, track and pass lead generation data across your marketing stack.

Orr Yoffe RS Ran Ltd

"TrackingDesk was the foundation for all our marketing operations for the past 3 years. It helped us improve our ad spent and and sustain our growth"

Orr Yoffe