Google Ads For Performance Marketers

Google Ads Conversion Tracking & Attribution

Quick & Simple Setup

TrackingDesk provides you the tools and workflow to immediately measure your campaign's performances.

Conversion Tracking = Smart Decisions

Instantly identify your best campaigns, ads and keywords so you can scale with confidence.

Conversion Attribution

Send conversion data to Google Ads & Google Analytics and turn on Google CPA Optimizer and make the most out of your ad spend.

Click On Your Ad
User Search & Clicks
During the Click Event, Google applies the tracking template and appends AutoTag parameters to your Final URL.
  • Measure all campaign attributes
  • Compliant with parallel tracking
  • Tracks Site Links
Click On Your Ad
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Landing Page Call To Actions
Landing Page Tracking
Your visitors land on your site and click on your call to actions to discover the offers you are promoting.
  • Landing Page Tracking
  • Call To Action Tracking
  • Offer & Product Tracking
Landing Page Call To Actions
Sales & Conversions
Affiliate Offers & eCommerce
Visitors become customers or signup for an offer. TrackingDesk tracks the conversions and revenues and tie them to your campaign attributes (i.e. Keyword)
Sales & Conversions
google ads integration
API calls
Google Ads & Google Analtyics
Get the most out of your search spend.
TrackingDesk fires the conversions through the Google Analytics API and the magic happens!
  • Your conversions are automatically attributed to your ads.
  • Improve your Quality Score
  • Automate your Optimization
API calls
Campaign Optimization
CPA Optimizer & Scale
Feed Google Ads with real conversions so you can apply a Target CPA Bidding strategy.
  • Automate your Optimization
  • Improve your ROAS
  • Scale your campaigns with confidence
Campaign Optimization