Top 10 Reasons Your Campaigns are Failing

Failing campaigns bar graph

Failing cannot be avoided when advertising online. There are so many parameters involved in online advertising, that it’s literally impossible to succeed every time you launch a new campaign.

Knowing that the chances that a campaign will fail or at least not be immediately have a positive ROI; one can only take some preemptive steps to either prevent the campaign failures, quickly stop the bleeding or improve the performances.

Here are the top 10 reasons that prevent you from getting positive ROI on your campaigns:

  1. Poor reporting capabilities: If you can’t visualize your campaign properly, you are going to hit a wall.
  2. No landing page rotation: Your inability to rotate landing pages doesn’t allow you to test multiple landing pages, brands, products.
  3. No tag: Providing a direct link to your landing page takes away the control over the destination URL and therefore you are relying on an account manager to make the necessary changes if / when required.
  4. Data Collection: Lack of easy and efficient data collection such as – Keywords, subid, pubid, timestamp, etc…
  5. Geo-Target: Remember point #3? Your tag must be geo-target sensitive so you can redirect your traffic to the right landing page.
  6. FallBack: What happens when the traffic comes from a geo that your advertiser doesn’t allow? You loose traffic. Fallback should enable you to redirect the traffic to the relevant offer or to a URL of your choice.
  7. AB Testing: Lack of ability to rotate call to actions prevents you from finding the most efficient funnel for your traffic.
  8. Responsive landing pages: Inability to display the right landing page for the right browser / user.
  9. Fast redirect: yes, this is still a major issue for digital advertisers. Not running your traffic via a top tier CDN will eventually reduce by a certain % the campaign’s ROI.
  10. Not using TrackingDesk is probably the top reason why performance marketers will struggle running campaigns.

Indeed, TrackingDesk provides digital marketers with unmatched control over their ad campaigns. It is according to user surveys, experience and continuous testing that we developed each and every feature that you will find in TrackingDesk. If you need more assurance, check out this review that says TrackingDesk is your ultimate tracking solution

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