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Tracking platforms have been around for a while and if you’re reading this post, chances are that you know the story. So I’ll spare you the what an affiliate has to gain by using them and what sort of insights are gained.

What might not be 100% obvious, is that every affiliate marketer needs a tracking software. Like everyone needs an email address or an internet connection, a solid tracking software is a must for anyone that wants to make money online, but more importantly to know Why that money is being made.

An online marketer without a tracking software is like a sailor without a compass. You can produce the greatest content in the world but if you don’t know which part of your content triggered the conversions, you’ll never know where to scale up and invest. Data or what other would call Business Intelligence is what should drive your focus, help you make informed decisions and eventually allow you to grow.

Needless to say, that when you start using a tracking platform, you quickly realize that you can’t work without it and the more you use it, the more you benefit from it. The more you benefit from it, the more you grow.

When you look at this, from an affiliate marketer perspective, one thing should be obvious to you: Recurring Revenues.

This is why we opened the TrackingDesk Referral Program

We decided to launch the TrackingDesk referral program so you can promote TrackingDesk to people in your circle that need a tracking solution. Even if they don’t know what tracking is or can’t see the value of it yet, at least they’ll know that they might be missing out.

What’s the referral program?

Earn 10% of revenues generated by clients subscribing to any of our paid plans.

All you need to get started is sign up to the referral program and you’ll get access to marketing material, banners, links, pre-made tweets as well as a reporting interface to follow those conversions.

Who should join

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record but here it goes- EVERY marketer needs tracking. So if you’ve worked with TrackingDesk and you know your users could use a platform to optimize and convert more, then you should join the program. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing social media or performance marketing, tracking is a “must have tool” that can be universally applied to any digital marketer. You’d not only be doing yourself a favor by promoting TrackingDesk, but your friends, colleagues or blog visitors’ will be happy that you shed some light on how to be ahead of the pack.

Best ways to promote TrackingDesk

There are many ways to promote offers but we’ve found a few ways that have worked best in the past for us. To make the best out of the referral program and maximize your campaigns we’ve broken down the best ways to promote us:


Building content around the benefits or features of any product is one of the best ways to promote. Blog posts always work great because people love stories!

Yet, visual content has been proven time and time again that it helps lifting conversions. This could range from videos reviews, tutorials, FAQs, webinar, testimonial, and Vlogs- the possibilities are endless.

We also have a few angles you can take for content that might help:

  • If you write a blog or mention a traffic source or affiliate network that are integrated (see the growing list of integrated partners), mention us! It’s a powerful and efficient way to promote one of our main features within relevant content.
  • If you have a “partners” page, you can put TrackingDesk on it.
  • If you have  a “tools for affiliates” or “How To” section you can mention TrackingDesk.
  • Doing a webinar can be powerful by mentioning TrackingDesk or a tutorial with us discussing how the platform has been able to help lift your conversions (don’t be afraid to reach out ;).


Ads are also a great way to promote us whether it’s a banner, social media ads or native. These ads get their full potential when displaying alongside a blog post / testimonial to which a potential TrackingDesk user could relate to.


Sending an email to users that you know would enjoy TrackingDesk is a great way to inform them that it’s a platform they should use. While we’ve created a few solo mailers for you to choose from, we know that adding your personal ingredients will achieve better results. Just make sure you stay accurate!

TrackingDesk can track pretty much everything, but it won't track your boyfriend or kids!

Joke aside if you choose to do it yourself, we highly recommend to read the blog to get ideas, and to share your experience at using the platform:

  • Describing the benefits you got out of TrackingDesk and discussing before vs after using it.
  • Describing a pain point that you know your friends or users might also experience.
  • Your struggle with other trackers and the relief when joining TrackingDesk.

Social media

Social media marketing is no secret and you know the power of making something viral on it. Visual content on social media like GIFS, memes, or quote photos are the best way to spread the word. Canva, Pablo, and other services will let you create some cool images for free.

Written content is also powerful so if you want to promote one of our blog posts, just let us know and we’ll send you a trackable link.

Also if you find yourself with some writer’s block (I know the feeling) when making Facebook and Twitter content promoting TrackingDesk, we made some pre-made tweets and Facebook posts to get you started.

Landing pages

Track Maxbounty conversions with 50OnRed
Landing page focusing on tracking MaxBounty conversions with 50OnRed traffic

Creating landing pages that directly address the pain points of a visitor is the most direct way to promote TrackingDesk. Choosing the right users to target and making landing pages that meet their needs will increase your chances of conversions.

“Users don’t want to be told what a product offers.They want to be shown. Your landing page must illustrate the one relevant problem that your product solves. Focus on the tension associated to that problem” -Finch, Finchsells

You can use TrackingDesk to rotate landing pages and redirect traffic to optimize your campaign so each user can get to a landing page that is directed towards their needs’.

Who is TrackingDesk’ target audience?

The best thing about TrackingDesk is that ANYBODY who has a need to track something can use it. Our users range from people doing affiliate marketing as a side job, social media marketers, bloggers, performance marketers, media agencies- so it’s a big audience.

You don’t necessarily need to know precisely what your audience is trying to track, as long as you know they’re active online marketers. The reason TrackingDesk is if you market something online the platform can help you track ANY traffic:

  • SEO
  • PPC / Search Traffic
  • PPV/pop
  • Social Media
  • Lead generation
  • Mobile campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Native ads

Appealing to a wide audience can be overwhelming, but that’s good news for you since TrackingDesk has the versatility to meet any marketer’s demand.

How it works

Joining the referral program is easy and you can get started immediately:

  1. Go to the sign up page and join.
  2. After joining and being approved, go to the “assets” tab to find your referral linkd and pre-made content.
  3. When a conversion happens you’ll see it in your reports and get an email notification. Since we offer a 30 days free trial, the revenues are normally coming in after a certain period of time.

Join us

You might be saying “the referral program is great but there were other tracking platforms doing it before you” and you’re right (trust me I wish we were the first). But you also know how it could be when your promoting the same product that 1,000 other marketers are doing as well, it can leave you with little room to convert and it’s an uphill battle.

But this time around it’s not the case so it’s probably better if you don’t sleep on this opportunity. Since TrackingDesk hasn’t been around as long as other competitors, it gives you the opportunity to promote a platform that brings far more innovative features, runs on a much stronger infrastructure and which covers a lot more potential users than any other tracking platforms out there.

Even if you’re reluctant, there’s no harm in starting a small campaign and seeing what happens. The content we’ve made will make it easier so it won’t take much to start your first referral campaign. If you have any questions or need some advice on how to promote TrackingDesk, you can visit the FAQ or contact us so we can go over it together.

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