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Campaign Management

Boost your marketing ROI

Learn how to run campaigns across any ad networks & organic sources, and attribute conversions, revenues and costs across your channels.
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All your marketing data in one platform
Work smarter
Learn why integrating with Google Analytics allows you to measure and attribute all your conversions in real time and visualize all your marketing performances in one place.
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Scale with smart data

Discover how data-driven marketers work smarter by automating marketing data pipelines across their marketing stack.

Conversion Tracking Platforms to scale with Confidence

Track , measure, optimize & improve your campaigns' performances. Over and over again.

Connect your stack
Easily connect your traffic sources, affiliate networks and funnels and instantly streamline your marketing data across your stack.
Campaign templates
Leverage advanced campaigns templates to automatically extract insightful data from your paid traffic.
Collect campaign data
No matter the type of campaigns you run, capture standard and custom campaign attributes, across any type of ad networks.
Track conversions
Instantly measure your campaigns ROI & identify your top traffic segments across all your campaigns, traffic sources, affiliate networks & advertisers.
Campaign optimization
Lower your CPA cost using built-in targing rules, AB testing, smart call to actions, landing page rotations, multi conversion goal tracking and actionable insights.
Data integrations
Amplify the value of your conversions by sending conversion data to any marketing tools through our Zapier or Integromat integrations.

Conversion Tracking platforms integrated with top Ad Networks.

Learn how to connect your stack with your favorite ad networks, traffic sources & affiliate networks.

Ad Networks

Our ever expanding ad network’s integrations allow you to instantly add new networks and precisely attribute conversions.

Affiliate Networks

Prebuilt templates to integrate your favorite affiliate networks.

Business Apps

Leverage Zapier integration, to connect your  campaign data with the apps and services you use every day.

Conversion Tracking Platform

Analytics & Actionable Insights

Once you start using TrackingDesk, you instantly gain access to actionable campaign insights. Group, filter, slice and pivot literrally any type of campaign attributes so you can pinpoint, your most valuable traffic and audience attributes.

Zapier Integration

Learn how to connect your marketing stack with Zapier and leverage your campaign data across different channels, attribute conversions to subscribers or provide reporting access to media partners, clients or remote workers.

zapier affiliate marketing

Performance Marketers Love TrackingDesk

TrackingDesk is packed with features built for performance marketers.

Full integration

Quickly connect your favorite ad networks & affiliate networks.

Popular marketing flows

PPC, Native, Social Media or SEO, TrackingDesk has you fully covered.

Continuous learning

Benefit from the latest developments in the advertising industry.

Fully Documented

Actionable marketing flows and guides at your fingertips.

Tailored for Search Campaigns

Fully compliant with Google Ads and Bing Ads, so you can work with confidence.

Professional Support

Get quick and accurate answers to your tracking challenges.

trackingdesk testimonial
"Wow, that's all I can say. I felt in love with Trackingdesk. Before I used Trackingdesk I needed to create multiple promotional pages to track my traffic sources while promoting affiliate offers. Now I simply use one link that tracks all my traffic channels and conversions. No more guessing which channel converts best!"
Tim V.
Founder & SEO Consultant, Unified Media Inc.
Customer for over 6 months
jean maurice touboul onwardclick
"We've been using TrackingDesk for the past several years and have nothing but praise about the accuracy of their tracking, the great visualization as well as the ease of setting up and managing campaigns."
Jean-Maurice Touboul
CEO & President OnwardClick
Customer for over 2 years
Orr Yoffe RS Ran Ltd
"TrackingDesk was the foundation for all our marketing operations past 3 years. The focus on performance marketing and data integration, helps us reduce IT cost, improve campaign ROAS and gives us perfect agility"
Orr Yoffe
CEO, RS Ran Ltd
Customer for over 3 years
"I am very satisfied with the partnership I have with TrackingDesk. I have the chance to group all my campaigns in one place and I can monitor all the traffic I get with the statistics. The service is perfect and it help optimizing my business!
Abel S.
Affiliate Marketer
Customer for over 12 months