What information does TrackingDesk collect?

We collect data when you visit our site, register to use our services and use our service.
We email you in order to inform you about our product, service and to assist you in using our service. 
When registering to our site or service, you will be asked to provide personal and company information such as email, addresses, phone and additional information about your company and business.

How do we use the data you provide and for what goal?

The information we gather from you is used in the following manners:

  • User experience personalization – The data enable us to better address your needs
  • Improve our service – We aim to provide a slick and flawless application and therefore, we gather behavioral data to enhance our product.
  • Provide better customer service – Your data enable us to address your requests more efficiently
  • Communicate with you – The email you provide us will be used exclusively by us to send you information about TrackingDesk, to answer your questions and requests.

Do we disclose any information to outside parties?

Yes. Trusted service providers that we use to provide our service and operate our company do have access to your information but do have strict privacy policies in place. Such companies include Mailchimp, Intercom, Amazon Web Services, Hubspot.

How do we protect your data?

All personally identifiable data is encrypted and stored in our data center which is secured by the highest security standards. Our website is hosted on a secure server and all information passed between you and our server is transmitted via SSL. 

Terms and Conditions

Term of use can be found on our website by visiting the link: https://trackingdesk.com/terms-of-service

Privacy Policy update schedule

Our privacy policy might change from time to time and at our sole discretion. A notification will be sent via email to our users via the email provided to us during registration and the update will appear on this page.


Every communication we send out includes an opt-out link. However, transactional email such as password recovery or important alerts such as schedule maintenance or service updates will be sent whether you opt out or not. By continuing using our service, you are bound to receive these information as they have a direct impact on the service provided to you.


If you have any questions related to our privacy policy please use the contact form available on the site.