Below is our FAQ which which addresses general questions about the platform and our services. If you have technical questions, you should visit our Knowledge Base where you will find setup instructions.

What is TrackingDesk?

TrackingDesk is a conversion tracking and attribution platform that helps digital marketers manage, track and measure the performance of their paid and organic traffic.

What kind of tracking methods does TrackingDesk support?

TrackingDesk supports server to server (also called postback tracking) tracking, image pixel tracking. Both methods also support the ability for your affiliate program to send conversion data to TrackingDesk.

How do you guarantee TrackingDesk's up-time?

TrackingDesk infrastructure runs on Amazon Web Service (AWS) and use elastic services to expand its resources if and when required. The platform can therefore absorb 1 Million hits or 10 Billion hits without being affected.

How fast is the campaign redirect?

TrackingDesk redirect servers run on CloudFront Content Delivery Network (CDN) which is a worldwide infrastructure. The CDN protocol guarantees that your visitors will hit the closest server before being redirected to your landing page or affiliate network’s landing page.

Do I need a technical team to be able to setup my campaigns on TrackingDesk?

No. As opposed to other tracking platforms, TrackingDesk made the strategic choice to ease as much as possible the process of setting up tracking across your marketing stack. So beyond copy/pasting you do not need to be a developper or require a developper team to work with TrackingDesk.

Do I need my own server or VPS to use TrackingDesk?

No. As opposed to other platforms, TrackingDesk is a hosted service (cloud based service, SaaS) and you do not need to have your own hosting or VPS service.

Does TrackingDesk hosts landing pages?

No. TrackingDesk doesn’t host landing pages. You will need your own server for that purppose or you will need to subscribe to one of the landing page service providers integrated with TrackingDesk.

Is TrackingDesk integrated with Google Adwords?

Yes. Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is integrated in TrackingDesk which allows you to track all your Google Ads campaign attributes (keywords, adgroups, etc…) and send your conversion data to your Google Ads account.

Can I run any type of content through TrackingDesk?

No. There are content limitations such as hate speech, child pornography or defamatory content, that are not allowed. Generally speaking, you should comply with your local juridiction’s laws regading the content you wish to promote.

Is TrackingDesk GDPR compliant?

Yes. As your data processor, we process your campaign data to provide you with our service. 

Can I track mobile traffic?

Yes. TrackingDesk is 100% agnostic and can also track mobile traffic.

Why should I use TrackingDesk?

To measure and improve your campaign’s ROI and be more efficient in your digital marketing journey.

What sort of companies are using TrackingDesk?

Affiliate marketers, media buyers, online marketing agencies, bloggers, funnel marketers, ecommerce shops, publishers and direct advertisers.

In other terms, TrackingDesk can be used by any type of digital marketers aiming at better measureing their campaign’s performances.

Can I run my affiliate program on TrackingDesk?

No. TrackingDesk doesn’t  have the necessary features to manage an affiliate program. While “tracking” is a common feature betweeen Affiliate Progams and TrackingDesk, there are other features such as Affiliate Management, Fraud, payment and such, that you will need to manage an affiliate program. You can find a list of affiliate management platforms here.

What is a Traffic Source?

A traffic source is an entity from which you receive traffic. Google Ads, Bing Ads or RTXPlatform are traffic sources. It can also be a website with who you partner to get traffic from.

How do i setup a new traffic source?

You can either select from the integrated traffic sources, or you can create your own traffic source. Follow the guidelines from our Knowledge Base.

Is TrackingDesk similar to Google Analytics?

No. TrackingDesk and Google Analyitics are very different platforms that serve very different purposes. TrackingDesk primarily use is to manage and measure campaigns, while Google Analytics is used to analyze your website marketing performances such as which content is consumed. Yet, by integrating Google Analytics and TrackingDesk, you can take advantage of both platforms and expand your campaign’s reach.

What is the Zapier TrackingDesk Integration

Zapier is an automation tool that lets you connect your business applications through triggers and actions. For instance: When a sale happens in your Shopify Store, you can send this information to TrackingDesk.

How much does TrackingDesk Cost?

Between $50 and $500 per month, depending on your traffic volume and requirements.

What kind of support do you provide?

We provide in-app messenger and email support. 

We also host regular webinars where we go through the mains aspects of the platform setup. 

What is the difference with ClickFunnel?

ClickFunnel provides you with the tools to build and manage your sales funnels. TrackingDesk helps you manage the ad campaigns which will send traffic to your funnels.

Can I track my Organic Traffic (SEO)?

Yes. Our organic tracking script allows you to track your organic traffic whether from search, social or any other type of organic traffic. Read more about tracking SEO Return on Investment.

trackingdesk testimonial

"Wow, that's all I can say. I felt in love with Trackingdesk. Before I used Trackingdesk I needed to create multiple promotional pages to track my traffic sources while promoting affiliate offers. Now I simply use one link that tracks all my traffic channels and conversions. No more guessing which channel converts best!"

Tim V.
Founder & SEO Consultant, Unified Media Inc.
Customer for over 6 months
jean maurice touboul onwardclick

"We've been using TrackingDesk for the past several years and have nothing but praise about the accuracy of their tracking, the great visualization as well as the ease of setting up and managing campaigns."

Jean-Maurice Touboul
CEO & President OnwardClick
Customer for over 2 years
Orr Yoffe RS Ran Ltd

"TrackingDesk was the foundation for all our marketing operations past 3 years. The focus on performance marketing and data integration, helps us reduce IT cost, improve campaign ROAS and gives us perfect agility"

Orr Yoffe
CEO, RS Ran Ltd
Customer for over 3 years

"I am very satisfied with the partnership I have with TrackingDesk. I have the chance to group all my campaigns in one place and I can monitor all the traffic I get with the statistics. The service is perfect and it help optimizing my business!

Abel S.
Affiliate Marketer
Customer for over 12 months