[idea] Compare smart link providers

Idea: Find out who are the best providers by rotating smart links so you can increase your revenues.

We all know YTZ International and their fantastic traffic optimization process. While they have been in this game for a very long time and they have probably one of the best reputation and monetization process, it is very likely that new providers can have a positive impact on your bottom line.


What are the traffic attributes to look for and compare:

  • Specific GEO
  • Specific Categories / Verticals
  • Devices / OS
  • Traffic sources and associated parameters such as subid, zoneid, keywords

With TrackingDesk you can easily analyze and identify the best performing providers and quickly optimize your campaigns.

YTZ Integration in TrackingDesk
YTZ International is integrated in TrackingDesk. You can read the step by step guide to integrate the TrackingDesk posback URL in your YTZ account. If you don’t have a YTZ account, you can open it here

Other Smart Link Providers:

Monetizer is a one stop shop helping publishers, traffic sources & networks monetize their global untargeted mobile and web inventory. They are integrated in TrackingDesk so you can easily test their smart links. If you don’t have an account with them yet, you can sign up here.