14 Best eCommerce Marketing Tips & Strategies to Boost Sales

Having an eCommerce store isn’t enough; you have to have a steady conversion rate from website visitors to paying customers., Bond Insight reported that around 77% of consumers say a good customer loyalty program makes them more likely to stay with the brand., Consumers have a wide variety of brands to choose from, so any activity that can foster loyalty is the deciding factor when choosing between your eCommerce store and your competitor., When an eCommerce site is mobile-friendly, a customer is 67% more likely to buy a product or service online., With online shopping comes more flexibility to buy products from a brand, whether you’re on their eCommerce store or their social media pages; this is called multi-channel marketing., You’re expanding your brand’s reach by using mobile commerce, social commerce, and eCommerce to capture sales wherever your customers happen to find you., To help here are some guides to help you successfully plan your multi-channel marketing for your eCommerce store:

Another timeless [eCommerce marketing tip](

is to send follow up emails to current and potential customers.