Case Study: The Spa Dr. Builds Community and Engagement with Ecommerce CRM

The skincare industry is more competitive than ever. The U.S. saw sales grow by 13% in 2018, with a notable spike in products that tout natural or organic ingredients. With the intensity turning up, how could any specialty skincare company plant a stake in the industry today?

Dr. Trevor Cates has been fueling her natural skincare company, The Spa Dr., and seeing big growth with one little hack: Put customers first. But showing sincere customer love is a task that’s often easier said than done.

Since stumbling upon Drip Ecommerce CRM, Dr. Cates and her team have been able to recognize, remember, and reward customers based on their unique skincare needs. With the tools they need to pay attention to each customer and customize entire journeys based on that data, The Spa Dr. has been grow…

This post originally appeared on Drip blog. We published a portion of it to give our readers a sense of what can be achieved with Drip platform. We highly recommend to continue reading this post.

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