How Smartsheet Uses Segmented Search Ads & Post-Click Experiences to Increase Customers

The primary reason 96% of ad clicks don’t convert is that digital advertisers fail to connect their PPC ads to relevant post-click experiences. That means the post-click stage doesn’t tell the same message and story that the ad began in the pre-click stage. Being consistent throughout both stages is the best way to get moreRead More >

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The top 15 marketing trends to grow your post-click landing page conversions

Global digital ad spending is expected to grow steadily year after year, exceeding $517 billion by 2023: To keep up with your competition, you must stay on top of the trends and realize that new advancements are constantly changing digital marketing. The best digital marketers today shift their strategy toward emerging channels and technologies toRead More >

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What Is Content Automation & What Is Possible for Digital Marketers Today?

Automated processes were created during the industrial revolution to limit human effort in repetitive tasks. As time went by though, automation and artificial intelligence made their way into other areas where human effort was required — digital advertising and marketing included. Today, marketing automation is constantly growing, expected to reach $5.5 billion by the endRead More >

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How to Maximize Ecommerce Lead Gen Campaigns with Interactive Content (Examples)

Ecommerce offers are everywhere and your target customer base is likely barraged by emails each day. Your job is to capture their attention immediately while they scan their inbox. Personalized ecommerce recommendation quizzes may be the strategy you consider to do just that. eConsultancy research shows that 44% of customers are likely to become repeatRead More >

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