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If you find yourself working with an advertiser or marketing partner running on the TrackingDesk platform you will find the updated integration very useful.

Strangely enough, we never put too much effort into this integration, but the growing number of users working together has convinced us to go that extra mile.

What is mostly important about this integration is the fact that if you want to pay your marketing partner according to a specific goal – let’s say CPL – but your offer pays out according to CPA, you can decide to send only the CPL goal to your marketing partner.

For very complex payout models, we still recommend using the Zapier integration, but the new Trackingdesk <> TrackingDesk integration does the basic out of the box.

You can read more about the integration and associated workflows by reading the knowledge base article.


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TrackingDesk service was discontinued in June 2019.

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