How to combine TrackingDesk and Replug to supercharge your campaigns

There are many link shortening/tracking tools out there. Some of them are extremely powerful when it comes to catching your visitors attention. Plus they give you the ability to monitor the performance of your posts, which can be very useful. In this article we are exploring the combination of our platform with, apart from being a recent AppSumo alumni, is an easy, intuitive and excellent tool to use relevant content when building a marketing campaign.

So we decided to show you how we can bring the two tools together to build an awesome campaign.

I am starting from the beginning, and though the process you will learn to build a campaign on TrackingDesk from scratch. I’ll do the same with (no affiliation link here…).


The reason I am doing that is that once we cover the building blocks of a simple campaign, you will find that it will save you a ton of time for the next ones and you’ll be able to sink your teeth in some more advanced features.



So now that we have set out what we are trying to achieve in terms of the the visitor’s journey, let’s get our hands dirty and build our first TrackingDesk campaign.


That’s done, and most of it, you won’t have to do again, thank God. Let’s get the Replug campaign rolling, check out the next video.



Now comes the part where we combine the three elements of our campaign.

To connect the tracking funnel we need to :

  • Paste our TD Call To Action links in Replug CTA button
  • Paste the tracking script in the Retargeting script section in Replug
  • Paste the postback url in ImpactRadius
  • Paste the offer link from ImpactRadius in our landing page destination url

Don’t worry, I am going to show you every step of the way.

We’re all set, let’s throw our campaign down the tubes:

The result is a neat report, not only of the views and clicks, but of the actual money you made from the campaign. You now have the right information to design your campaigns in a way that makes the most money for you!


NEXT: Did you ever get your links mixed up? We’ll show you how to never stick the wrong link in an offer, and more than that, how to rotate an unlimited number of offers on a landing page.

Happy Tracking!



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