[Infographic] – How to Measure SEO Return On Investment

Try to measure SEO return on investment (ROI) when you run a portal or review website and you will hit a Chinese Wall. Nowadays, traffic lands on your site through many sources. Social Media, backlinks, search engines, email marketing, and event paid media fill your Google Analytics with traffic data. Once you’ve congratulated yourself on your newly acquired positions on the SERP, you are trying to make some “educated guesses” on the impact of those positions, to your bottom line.

Measure SEO return on investment

Why Google Analytics is not suitable for affiliate marketers.
Google Analytics tells you what happens on your site, while TrackingDesk tells you what happens after the visitors leave your site and take actions on your advertiser’s website. Read the difference between Web Analytics and Tracking platforms
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While many reporting and web analytics providers have tried to address this challenge, they have failed to deliver the right solutions for affiliate marketers.

While TrackingDesk was initially built to track paid advertising, we never lost sight of SEO requirements and the organic tracking script feature is what we came up with.

How to measure SEO return on investment with TrackingDesk

The infographics will show you how TrackingDesk tracks the visitor’s journey from its initial search to the conversions, revenues, and recurring revenues.

How TrackingDesk Measures SEO return on investment

How to set up the Organic Tracking Script

The setup is very similar to the way you setup Google Analytics on your site and doesn’t require any special technical knowledge.

You can follow the guidelines in the following post and as a bonus, you will also learn how to use the Organic Script to track your Adwords campaigns, Social media posts and even Email marketing.

Read more about the Organic Tracking Script

Important takeaway

If you are serious about your SEO, you invest time, thoughts on each of your pages. Measuring your SEO return on Investment and conversion must be on top of your priorities. Having the ability to link each dollar and conversion to a page, and the traffic sources that drove traffic to such page gives you powerful data driven marketing capabilities.

If you are thinking about buying PPC ads on search engines or social media, you can do it with confidence, because you know what ROI and performance to expect.

Last but not least, implementing such a solution is far easier than you would expect, but making the first move is probably what will take time. Luckily, you can test the platform with a 30 days free trial, and you can try it on one or two pages to see the value it can provide you with.

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