Tracking Facebook Campaigns [Integrations]

Tracking Facebook Campaigns is probably one of the most important requirements for digital marketers. Facebook is considered by many as one of the best traffic sources. Their granular campaign targeting and the huge amount of traffic that can be acquired is for any online marketer, not comparable to any other traffic source. Unfortunately, Tracking Facebook campaigns have always been a struggle. In fact it there was a huge drawback in the way you could set up and track your campaigns.

Why? Simply because Facebook did not provide any support for dynamic parameters such as {campaignid} {campaignname} etc.. etc..

This missing feature made us all work harder while leaving room for errors and preventing agility.

Facebook integration in TrackingDesk

Today we invite you to test the new Facebook integration which allows you to capture dynamically campaign attributes into your campaign URL.

The way we’ve integrated Facebook is also meant to help you to send the campaign data into your UTM parameters so you can access the campaign performances in your Google Analytics account. This feature will allow you to take your campaign to another level by running¬†retargeting campaigns on Google Adwords.

Here is the list of Facebook Tracking Tokens that we’ve integrated.

Query String Facebook Parameter TrackingDesk Alias
utm_source {{site_source_name}} source
utm_medium {{placement}} var_2
utm_content {{}} target
utm_campaign {{}} var_3
utm_term {{}} keyword
ad_id {{}} var_4
adset_id {{}} var_5
campaign_id {{}} var_6
eid {event_id} var_1

NB: The eid parameter will be filled with the TrackingDesk event_id when you use the organic tracking script to track your campaigns.

How to integrate Facebook Ads into TrackingDesk

TrackingDesk makes it extremely easy and friction-free to add integrated traffic sources and affiliate networks into your TrackingDesk account.

  1. Add a Traffic Source
  2. Select Facebook from the integrated partners’ drop-down menu
  3. Save

NB: If you’d like to add additional parameters, you can do so by using the custom fields function

Facebook Integration in TrackingDesk

From now on, you can create Facebook Campaigns with your “eyes closed” and TrackingDesk will provide you with a campaign URL that will carry all the Facebook Tracking Tokens.

If you are currently running campaigns on Facebook, you should duplicate the running campaigns, associate the new campaigns with the new Facebook integration, replace the old campaign URLs with the new campaign URLs.
How to create a Facebook Campaign In TrackingDesk
Read the article in our knowledge base that describes the steps to set up a campaign for Facebook

Take away for Tracking Facebook Campaigns

There are still many ad networks that do not provide any sort of auto-tagging features, which prevent digital marketers to efficiently keep track of their campaigns performances. By adding more integrations into our eco-system, we try to provide you with the best tools so you can focus on marketing creativity rather than the technical aspects of your workflow.

Want to request an integration?
We are always happy to integrate new networks and we’ve got a long list of partners to integrate, but if you would like to suggest a new integration, please fill this short form.


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