[idea] – Build your smart links

Why you should build your own smart links

What are smart links: 

Smart links are links that take the user into different paths depending on the environment where the link is opened thus making the user move forward without breaking the experience.HOKO

For affiliate and media buyers, smart links can be leverage to run campaigns without having to configure custom targeting rules to redirect visitors according to their “user-agents” (ex: GEO, Device, browser, time-stamp) to suitable offer links or landing pages.

Some companies like YTZ and Monetizer have built their names and reputation around their optimization process and thousands of affiliates and agencies have leverage their features to generate substantial revenues.

There are many compelling reasons to promote smart links, but one stands out: MONEY

Yet, by using smart links, we often neglect or ignore the fact that the offers promoted are being “brokered” by several networks and therefore, several hands are enjoying a share of the revenues generated by your traffic. Each network taking between 10% and 35%, you can only imagine that your $1000 paycheck could have been doubled.

The idea: Build your own smart links and increase your revenues.

If you’re currently running and tracking smart links you’re lucky to have aggregated data that will allow you to dive into your analytics to identify where you could potentially make more money. If not, you’re going to have to start from scratch which might turn into a very interesting and educating experience.

  1. Track the performances of your smart link providers
  2. Identify the verticals & geos that are producing revenues.
  3. Research to find offers that are suitable for the verticals & Geos (Read this post: How to optimize affiliate offer revenues)
  4. Configure the offers meticulously using rule targeting options
  5. Create your smart link by adding all relevant offers and applying the rule targeting options.
  6. Add the campaign to your running campaigns and allocate a significant share (between 20 and 30%) of the traffic.
  7. Compare the results and optimize the campaign accordingly.

It might take a bit of time to get up and running with your smart links, but depending on the volume of traffic you’re allocating to it, the time might be worth the investment.




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