Promoting Banc De Binary? Don’t get caught with your pants down.

Shit Happens – You need a contingency plan to prevent bleeding traffic to a 404 page.


Some Context:

The Active / Inactive button that you can see across all TrackingDesk entities has been the subject of many animated debates among the team and often the cause of some frustrations among TrackingDesk users. In fact, over the past 12 months, this function has been scheduled to be deprecated several times, but for some reasons it never happened. Coincidentally, it turned out to be very positive (at least for a large number of our users active in the binary option industry).

Active / Inactive: It is a property that allows to switch off / on an entity in TrackingDesk. For instance, if you deactivate an offer, all offer links associated with such offers will be inactive and if they happen to be running within a campaign, they will simply no longer be getting any traffic. This can eventually lead traffic to reach a blank page, unless the campaign has a Global Fallback enabled or other offer links are rotating in your campaign.

One will quickly understand and agree that if this function is not wisely used, it can lead to traffic losses and frustrations.

What does Banc De Binary has to do with this feature?

Technically, nothing. But last week, affiliates and performance marketing agencies active in the binary option industry have experienced a drastic course of events. The unexpected closure of one of the oldest and largest binary option brokers: Banc De Binary.

This is not the first time an affiliate program shuts down overnight and many of you, have already experienced and prepared for such events. However, those lucky enough to be using TrackingDesk, had to simply set Banc De Binary as “inactive” to see TrackingDesk redirecting their traffic to the most relevant offer link – Zero effort for an optimal result! While there is no magic behind TrackingDesk, you can assume that lots of things are happening in the background to make sure you do not waste any click.

Depending on the way you manage your campaigns, here is what you have to do to prevent bleeding traffic.

If you’re not using TrackingDesk


Hard coded offer links

For those having hard-coded links across their sites, media platforms, social media, emails or funnels, there is a long and uncertain road ahead. Until completed you will generate traffic and money losses. (Open an account with TrackingDesk and start working smart, not hard.)

GoTo type of links / Javascripts

Those having redirect scripts such as – –  will still have to update their sites with new links.

Other Tracking Platforms

Those with other tracking platforms, will need to update each and every campaigns, remove offer links from campaign rotations, remove / update CTA’s redirect, build new redirect rules.

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TrackingDesk users:

Assuming that you’ve setup your offers and offer links with the right attributes – Geo-Target, Categories – you’ll simply have to do the following actions for your traffic to be immediately redirected to the most relevant links.

a. If you are using the global fallback campaign setting

  1. Set the affiliate network as “inactive”

b. If you’re not using the global fallback Campaign setting

  1. Set the affiliate network as “inactive”
  2. Load your analytics and identify all campaigns sending traffic to the inactive program (or offer).
  3. Update the fallback settings of those campaigns.

The Global Fallback setting in a nutshell:

Fallback definition: an alternative plan that may be used in an emergency.

You have several Fallback options, but the Global Fallback is clearly the most powerful one. When selected, TrackingDesk will redirect your  traffic to an offer link set in your account (not in the campaign) and according to the following parameters:

  • Geo-Target
  • Category
  • Rules settings – Devices, OS, Browsers, Languages, Day Parting etc…

Practically, what it means is that if you’re buying Spanish binary option traffic, and you get some traffic from Portugal, TrackingDesk will redirect the Portuguese traffic to a Portuguese binary option offer link set in your account.

When and in which campaigns it should be activated?

In most cases, you will want to select this option as it guarantees that your traffic is always redirected to the most relevant offer, if and when the incoming traffic, doesn’t match the the campaign settings. However, in order for the fallback to perform optimally, you need to setup your account with a certain discipline i.e.  Setting the correct geo-target and categories to offers and offer links.

When not to use it: Certain traffic sources and ad networks have compliance requirements, which require you to redirect traffic to the offer links stipulated in your campaign. For instance, Adwords and Bing will check your ads to make sure that you are not redirecting traffic to an offer link that is not on the display domain setting. Therefore, if you run a campaign in Japan and your geo-target setting in TrackingDesk is set as Japan and you set the fallback as “global campaign”, when the AdWords compliance team will check your ad, it will be redirected to an other landing page, which will cause your ad to be disapproved. There are ways around this problem, but we highly recommend to play by the AdWords rules.


What you can take away from this post:

  • Active / Inactive settings can save you tons of time, traffic and money.
  • Global Fallback setting can improve your campaign’s performances.
  • Setup your account with discipline to fully take advantage of the platform’s features
  • Shit happens – Don’t get caught with your pants down.
  • TrackingDesk is more than a tracking platform.


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