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Accessing an affiliate network that has a great variety of mobile offers can sometimes be challenging even when mobile app installs are on the rise from month to month. And while our new integrated partner ExpertMobi can be new to you, they’ve been around for quite a while in Eastern Europe and Russia.

So If you’re looking for international mobile offers, my bet is that you’ll be more than satisfied with them, as they have a great diversity of offers and verticals, available in Geos that are not traditionally found in other affiliate networks.

I’m happy to annouce that ExpertMobi just joined the TrackingDesk’ ecosystem and has been fully integrated so you can connect your account and check what they have to offer and track their campaigns with confidence.

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The integration between ExpertMobi and TrackingDesk:

  • They are in the predefined list of affiliate networks
  • Parameters and Tokens are predefined – No need to manually configure them
  • Our PostBack URL is pre-formatted to match ExpertMobi requirements. Just copy / paste.
  • More details about the setup can be found in the TrackingDesk Knowledge Base

ExpertMobi at a glance:

  • +10 Top Verticals
  • +200 Countries
  • +840 mobile offers
  • Flexible payment terms and methods
  • Allow most traffic sources.
  • Detailed real-time statistics.

While there are plenty of other features, one of the best parts of the platform is how user friendly the interface is. To discover what’s in store for you is easily done through their search which allows to filter in/out specific verticals, devices, payout or conversion flows. Payouts range from $1 to $50 which gives quite a wide scope.

expertmobi offers

We’re happy to have ExpertMobi on board as one of the leaders in mobile traffic with TrackingDesk. So whether you’re new to ExpertMobi or already part of their platform, you can connect your TrackingDesk account with ExpertMobi in 2 clicks.

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