Best Pieces of Advice From Top Affiliate Marketing Influencers

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Let’s face it- there are a ton of affiliate marketers out there, but few can really have the bragging rights to say they make money while they sleep. In fact, only about 3.3% of affiliate make $500,000 per year .

They might all have different priorities and reasons for doing affiliate marketing but the bottom line is that it takes hard work and persistence. Even if you’re a veteran in the affiliate marketing game, you always have to stay on your toes since the industry is constantly changing.

Without making a big introduction, here are the top 6 pieces of advice from influencers that are dominating the game now:

Charles NGO

On growing in affiliate marketing

Charles NGO- affiliate marketing influencer

“What you’ll find in affiliate marketing is the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. There’s always more to learn and it’s not just “one simple change” you make to improve your campaigns” – The Traffic Source Doesn’t Suck… You Do

John Chow

On making money in affiliate marketing

John Chow- affiliate marketing influencer

“The main reason affiliates aren’t making money is because they’re spending all their money trying to building a business for someone else, while they should be building a business for themselves” – How to Really Make Money in Affiliate Marketing

Zac Johnson

On choosing the right affiliate offers

zac johnson- affiliate marketing influencer

“You can increase your chances of making more money by choosing high-paying affiliate offers. Instead of promoting an offer that pays $20, promote an offer that pays out $200 per lead or sale” –The Definitive Affiliate Guide: 4 Powerful Steps To Triple Your Affiliate Income In 15 Days

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On starting out as an affiliate

finchsells- affiliate marketing influencer

“I know most affiliates aspire to run gigantic campaigns that print money by the hour. Hey, it’s nice to be ambitious. But unless you have the budget to match, you are going to have to get practical and hustle your way out of the basement”- How to Turn $5,000 into an Affiliate Business

Missy Ward

On providing genuine value to your visitors

missy ward- affiliate marketing influencer

” Just slapping up affiliate links can kill your business. By providing valuable information and offering great customer service, you may just survive” –4 lessons The Walking Dead Can Teach Affiliate Marketers

Malan Darras

On focusing on one campaign and one traffic source

Malan darras- affiliate marketing influencer

 “There are a lot of traffic sources and offers. Don’t get distracted. Pick (1) one traffic source and (1) one offer and become a master at it. I started with one campaign on one traffic source and ran it by itself for the first 6–12 months. I dominated on that single campaign. Find a traffic source with huge volume potential and an offer that can handle it and focus all of your energy on it” –20 Pieces of Advice For The New Affiliate Marketer

Adam Reimer

On Tracking

adam reimer- affiliate marketing influencer

“Here is the issue before I get started with (tracking) solutions.  A person gets an email and checks it from their phone or tablet.  The person does a search, clicks a PPC ad or Affiliate site or the person clicks through from a comparison engine or SEO.  They show the product to friends or family or just don’t want to buy it yet.  Because they are tagged on their mobile device including smart phones and tablets, if they change devices or switch to a computer to complete the purchase, your tracking cookies aren’t set, the IP address more than likely changes and you cannot recognize the shopper when they do finish so you won’t know what channel to credit the sale to, who you owe money to or what channel is performing the best.  This is why it is important to think of a solution to help track mobile to desktop, tablet to desktop and any other variation of shoppers that change devices”- Tracking Solutions to track PPC, SEO & Affiliate from Mobile to PC

Wrap Up

In affiliate marketing you’ve got to wear many hats to get the same result that everyone wants which is more conversions. Not everyone has been able to do it like the top influencers, but it’s always great to get words of wisdom from people that know what it means to go from the bottom to the top.

While all these affiliates may have a different perspectives on how to being successful in the game, they all know they value of taking what they do seriously. From starting a campaign, tracking it, and analyzing conversions, they’re always finding ways to continue growing.

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