Affiliate Summit New York 2016

affiliate summit new york

The Affiliate Summit is going to be an action packed event with 3 trade shows, networking events, and educational sessions with industry experts.  With over 5,000 atendees it will be a great opportunity to find new connections and learn how to grow from now and onward.  There are going to be some great talks and I’m really interested in is to see how successful all star affiliate marketers see the future of the industry.

Some of the ones that will be there are John Chow and Zac Johnson (Inside the Mind of 6 Figure Bloggers:Ask the Experts), Jonah-Kai Hancock (Ad Blocking: Challenges and Opportunities), and Ernie St. Gelais (If You Track it, They Will Come: Tracking Mult-device Users).

Anyone in the affiliate world knows that the Affiliate Summit is one of the most important events  for making connections.  TrackingDesk luckily is in the middle of it all since the platform creates a win-win for all parties.  So for all you media buyers, affiliates, affiliate networks, traffic sources, or tracking addicts, if you’re looking for a easy tracking solution or need some advice (no we won’t track your boyfriend) feel free to drop me a line at the conference.

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Where You’ll Find Me

When I’m not checking out some of the talks,  you can find catch me at table number 213 on Sunday July 31st (first day of conference) to discuss anything tracking. If you want to be sure to see me, make sure to send a message and we can schedule a time to meet.  As always, happy tracking and I’ll see you soon!

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