How to Effectively Rotate Your Landing Pages

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Choosing the right landing page can be time consuming and a confusing process.  It’s especially true if you have multiple traffic sources and visitors from different countries.  You have to think about which on page elements work and how each target audience reacts.

But what are the steps to effectively rotate landing pages and optimize them to increase conversions?

These are the factors that you must watch out for:

Optimize On-Page Elements

Knowing your fundamentals on how to build a landing page that drives conversions is extremely important.  Elements such as photos, buttons, colors, text, social proof, and more make all the difference about whether your visitor bounces or converts.

How important are these elements?

It takes under 15 seconds before a visitor decides to stay or bounce from your page.  This decision is often made half subconsciously and half consciously.  In other words, you’ve got to make your page something that visitors can’t resist to leave.

In addition to on page elements, your visitors also want to know that they feel safe to visit.  Since internet fraud has become a monumental problem with over 16 billion dollars stolen from 12.7 million Americans in 2014.  Trust badges on websites have been proven to raise trust and conversion by visitors as much as 32%.

Use a Responsive Tracking Link

Most of the time, marketers wait until after visitors bounce from their page to readjust their strategies.  But waiting until visitors leave the page is a case of “too little too late” and a loss of precious conversions.

A responsive tracking link gets the IP address from each of your visitors you’re able to know location, language, operating system, and browser.  Even if it is an Italian visitor in United States, the link can detect the user’s native language and adapt your landing page to Italian.  Using this information you can redirect traffic through TrackingDesk in real time from the traffic source to your page based on individual IP data.

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Split Test and Optimize Landing Pages

Choosing the best performing page  is one of the most important steps to optimizing pages without losing visitors.

Using real time analytics makes split testing more effective and easier to know which landing pages perform best. Let’s say your whole audience is from United States, how can you optimize it?

You can split test multiple landing pages with different parameters and on page elements to see which ones perform best.  The parameters are created with rules you decide to set with the information you get from the visitors’ responsive links.  After testing pages you’re able to see the net revenue based on costs of clicks; which gives you a perspective of which landing pages to increase traffic on.


With a TrackingDesk’s responsive link you can integrate and manage multiple traffic sources while gathering actionable data.  Rotating landing pages based on this real time data is key to get high ROI and stopping campaigns that don’t perform well.  While many choose to analyze and change landing page strategy after the visitor bounces,  you can be proactive using the responsive link to get them to convert on the spot.

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