Luke Jasiak from BoxofAds says: Watch your competition

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Ahead of a comprehensive list of recommended business tools we are putting together, today I will present you an application that some of you have probably heard about and used:
BoxOfAds, which by its great and self explanatory name tells you that you’ll find plenty of ads in the box.

Yet, beyond the ads that will surely make you laugh, scare you, turn you on or bring you inspiration, you will will receive actionable insights on what your peers are doing, what the new trends are in term of categories to promote, design innovations and targeting options.

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Business intelligence isn’t a term that is widely or even wisely used in the affiliate industry.  But, it’s why the large agencies and enterprises have such an edge over the affiliate marketers. Luke – BoxOfAds’ founder – who’s been breathing and exploring our industry from so many angles and years, has brought to life an amazing business intelligence application which, if wisely used, will uncover for you new business horizons.

To sum up, I think that in our fast pace and ever evolving environment, business intelligence tools like BoxOfAds coupled with a tracking software like TrackingDesk, provide an edge that can enable you to put in motion simple or complex campaigns in a matter of seconds.

To get a feeling of what BoxOfAds has in the Box for you, they’ve put together a plan that not only will cost you very little, but will give you access to all their best features.

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This is what you will receive with Box Of Ads:

  • Full Access to 3 months of Data for PPV, Display & Natives
  • 12 countries
  • Desktop & Mobile
  • 5 Monitored Projects with Notifications (very useful for the agile marketers)
  • 5 Exports per month
  • Email Support
  • 1 User

All of that for only 99USD/mo (instead of 399USD)!

If you don’t want to be left behind, now is the time to act and be among the 100 users who will benefit from this special offer.


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