TrackingDesk Integration with Hasoffers

Ever run a campaign and get mixed results, but you don’t know what worked and what didn’t?

You can zero in on the best quality data by setting rules and criteria for when reviewing analytics. Yet, this crucial process can be time-consuming, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: given the right tools, this can be easily accomplished. This is why we are integrating the best tools for you to utilize in order to increase your conversion rates.

About HasOffers:

HasOffers doesn’t even need to be presented, as it is one of the few companies that lead the way of web and mobile attribution. Today, HasOffers powers thousands of affiliate programs, including KissMyAds, Startapp, Adbooth, Adperio, Affiliaxe, Applift, Clickrocket and more. When the time came to start planning our first integrations, HasOffers rapidly climbed to the top of the list. Thanks to its documented API and dev team, it’s been a success with our users since its January release. It has been a pleasure collaborating with HasOffers for the benefit of our mutual users and most importantly, your success.

What it does:

HasOffers has powerful targeting and tracking tools which help you maximize your mobile and web performance campaigns. Furthermore, its international capabilities—like multi-currency and language support—make going global simple. It also has a robust platform-wide API! Go figure.




The TrackingDesk integration with Hasoffers:

If you work with an affiliate program that runs on Hasoffers (Tune), you will have the ability to quickly and seamlessly pull all of your offers and tracking links into your TrackingDesk account. Also, conversions and revenues generated by HasOffers campaigns running through TrackingDesk will be automatically pulled in your TrackingDesk analytics.

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What this integration means for you:

  1. Imports all offers and tracking links automatically from your affiliate account.
  2. Imports all “goals” (conversions) and associated payouts.
  3. Imports all geo-target and categories set for each offer.
  4. Imports all reports and statistics from your affiliate account (from the moment your campaigns are running through TrackingDesk).

In addition, you can benefit from this new feature that many of our users have already started taking advantage of. Our goal at TrackingDesk is for you to be able to focus on your performance instead of fiddling with tiresome technical details, and this was a step forward in that direction.

Finally, simple steps to integrate your affiliate account can be found in our Knowledge Base. You can watch a quick tutorial on how to connect your affiliate account with TrackingDesk via the HasOffers API.


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