Integration: TrackingDesk and MaxBounty

TrackingDesk and MaxBounty affiliate network integration puzzle pieces

MaxBounty is an extremely popular affiliate network with thousands of offers. One simple way to avoid tracking issues is to set up “server to server” (postback) tracking on their system so that TrackingDesk gets instant notifications (and payout) for every lead or sale that you generate for them. This can be easily done with the MaxBounty and TrackingDesk integration now in place!

A few points to know about our integration:

Check mark symbolMaxBounty is pre-defined in TrackingDesk, so you don’t have to manually define custom variables / parameters.
Check mark symbolThe server pixel is pre-formatted to suit MaxBounty requirements, including conversion value.
Check mark symbolYou can upload all of your MaxBounty offers via CSV into TrackingDesk.

What this means for you:

Check mark symbolYou can start promoting your Maxbouty offers in a matter of minutes.
Check mark symbolYou get precise reporting straight into your TrackingDesk account so you can quickly analyze and optimize your campaigns.
Check mark symbolYou can rapidly add their offers into your campaigns.

You can set all of this in motion with just a few simple steps.

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4 Simple Steps:

  1. Add MaxBounty as an ‘Advertiser’ in TrackingDesk.
  2. Copy the Global Postback Link and Paste it into MaxBounty.
  3. Add the Brand you wish to promote.
  4. Add Creative material.

Tip: MaxBounty refers to the “postback URL”, or “server to server tracking”, or “server to server pixel” as: “CallBack”.

If you would like more information regarding our integration and how to utilize it, please check out our knowledge base.
Be sure to read our exclusive interview with Joe Ferguson from MaxBounty.
You can also watch a video tutorial on the MaxBounty integration with Trackingdesk here or below:

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