Berlin Affiliate Conference 2015


BAC 2015 was a success!

For the first time, the Affiliate Conference was in Berlin this year. It seems that it was a huge success, according to the feedback received from attendees and exhibitors. Many people came because it took place in Berlin, which was a new and exciting alternative compared to Barcelona and Amsterdam where the conferences were previously held.

TrackingDesk was warmly welcomed by operators and affiliates and it seems that we landed just at the right place, at the right time.

Indeed, the convergence of industry trends could be sensed and often the following topics were discussed:

  • new regulations
  • new technologies
  • new types of traffic
  • more competition
  • diversification requirements

What we particularly noticed through conversations with affiliates and media buyers was that they were more demanding in their expectations to better manage and monetize their traffic.

Thanks to the iGB Affiliate team, we were invited to present a side of the business which has historically been left out.  Indeed, it seems that most i-gaming companies overlooked certain technologies which could and still can help them better monetize their traffic and user base.  So we embraced the opportunity, and gave our presentation “The Broken Link”, which exposed 3rd party technologies that can help out the industry to better optimize traffic and to increase conversion rates. We even provided a simple case study which demonstrated how a basic and very cost effective retargeting campaign could assist in increasing customer lifetime value.

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Missed us? No worries!

Our presentation, “The Broken Link” which was delivered by Laurent Malka, can be found below:

[slideshare id=54612743&doc=thebrokenlink-updatedversion-151101120432-lva1-app6891]


Watch the Calvin Ayre video to see what went down:


The great parties and atmosphere at the conference were also a bonus, and as per usual, did not disappoint us.

We hope to see you there next year at #BAC2016.


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