Why you’re not fallbacking and losing money



Fallbacking : Redirecting traffic to an offer suitable for a specific segment of traffic that was not initially targeted.

In other words: If you unintentionally send mobile US traffic to an offer that accepts only web UK traffic, you will want to automatically redirect this traffic to a similar offer that accepts mobile US traffic.

Every click counts and for that reason, you will want to configure your campaigns.  However you are managing them, you need to redirect properly to the relevant offers and tracking links.

During the course of my career, I have heard affiliates saying that “it’s only a little portion of their traffic”, that it’s a “marginal loss”, or that it’s “too complicated”, that they “don’t care” and those who were not even aware of it. Long story short: if it’s too hard to do, let’s not do it.

What we’ve seen in term of implementation for such fallbacks has historically been quite complicated to put in place and clearly I understand why some people didn’t want to get into that.

That’s why we decided to attack this issue from a totally different angle. Instead of defining rules for each and every campaign, we decided to enable or disable the fallbacking and let the system take control over the redirection based on preset criteria.

An offer link provided by your affiliate program is theoretically set to accept traffic from specific countries, devices and languages. By adding those settings in TrackingDesk, the system is not only aware of it, but can also act upon it.

It means that fallbacking can work with factors such as: geo, device, OS, Browser, hours of the day, days of the week and date range.

To set this up, you simply have to either enable, or disable the fallbacking option and enable each of the targeting options. There is no need to set specific rules, or to spend hours configuring the” if” and “what” and “when” and then redirect “to”. You just need to hit a button and let TrackingDesk play its magic.

fallbacking campaign

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That’s a fairly convenient setup when you work with a few affiliate networks that have hundreds if not thousands of offers, but if you don’t work with such affiliate networks and only promote a few offers, you will inevitably find yourself with traffic not reaching the right offer for technical or geographical reasons.

In this case you have the option to work with certain companies who specialize in international traffic and make sure that your traffic always reaches a relevant offer.

I had the chance to meet Devin Holmberg from YTZ International at the PMI show in Berlin a couple of months ago. His company’s main job is to do just that. Monetize traffic in countries you probably never heard of. Obviously, they also have the tier one countries, but what is really makes them stand out, is that they will always find an offer suitable for your traffic.

After conversing with him, I felt that the most obvious thing to do was not only talk about them on our blog, but integrating their program on TrackingDesk.

Eventually, Devin summed up our cooperation in one simple, yet powerful statement:

“YTZ helps publishers make the most of their traffic. Monetize remnant clicks from all geos and devices through a single fallbacking campaign. TrackingDesk’s superior tracking solutions along with YTZ’s powerful monetization algorithm provides a winning combination for any publisher looking to maximize ROI.”

If you don’t have an account yet with YTZ International – you can sign-up here.



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