While data is at the center of performance marketing, the functionalities that are required to analyze, manage and optimize the campaigns must be integrated in the same environment to unleash the performance marketer’s full potential.

Integrating all aspects of performance marketing provides the marketer with full control over all its activities, whether analysis, campaign optimization, campaign setup, new traffic sources and advertisers setup. While gaining time, and cutting loose low performing campaigns, it is geared with the right tools to scale up its traffic and extract the best possible ROI.

Crystal clear integrations with traffic sources and affiliate networks, enable data integrity which provides with actionable insights on campaign performances and enable positive ROI faster and allow for duplication of successful campaigns across multiple channels.

Built on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure, TrackingDesk provides the most scalable solution, ensuring business growth at any pace, regardless of your traffic's volume.


Integrating new traffic sources is always a challenge, regardless of your technical skills. This is why we’ve integrated TrackingDesk with popular traffic sources and continue to add new ones. You do not need to configure custom parameters and variables or figure out which querystrings will carry keywords and subid’s.

The platform does it for you, so you can focus on your marketing and campaigns. Tracking all your traffic source’s tokens and variables enable you to see through your data flow and extract the best traffic segments, leaving the low value data to those who are not in the “know”.


Whether you work with one or multiple affiliate networks, you will always have GEO targeting restrictions, various landing pages, different type of call to actions and multiple traffic flows. From now on, these complex configurations are intuitive and do not require any technical skills and complex campaigns can be setup in a matter of seconds.


Affiliate Networks track your traffic through popular affiliate platforms or proprietary technologies. In order to make your (and their) life easier, we have mapped those tracking technologies so you won't have to figure out if and how and where tracking takes place. Through API if the affiliate program runs on Hasoffers (Tune), server to server tracking if it’s running on Cake and other technologies, TrackingDesk provides you with all the standard tracking options.


Acquiring and distributing traffic while tracking and attributing conversions is essential but equals to nothing if you cannot visualize through an advanced analytics suite. We’ve opened up all analytics options so you can slice and group your data to display what you want and how you want it. Graph and grids are available so you can see through your stats and make decisions that will increase your ROI in a click.