Below is our FAQ which which address general questions about the platform and our service. If you have technical questions, you should visit our Knowledge Base where you will find setup instructions.

What is TrackingDesk?
TrackingDesk is a traffic management platform that enables you to manage and see the results of your campaigns through one single interface.

How much does the service cost?
We offer several subscriptions plans ranging from Free to $500/month. You can see the different plans by visiting the TrackingDesk pricing page.

What kind of tracking methods does TrackingDesk support?
TrackingDesk supports server to server (also called postback) tracking, as well as cookies and image pixel tracking. Both methods also support the ability for your affiliate program to pass dynamic variables such as commission values.

How do you guarantee TrackingDesk's up-time?
TrackingDesk infrastructure runs on Amazon Web Service (AWS) and use elastic services to expand its resources if and when required. The platform can therefore absorb 1 Million hits or 10 Billion hits without being affected.

How fast is the redirect?
TrackingDesk redirect servers run on CloudFront Content Delivery Network (CDN) which is a worldwide infrastructure. The CDN protocol guarantees that your visitors will hit the closest server before being redirected to your landing page or affiliate network's landing page.

Do I need a technical team to be able to setup my campaigns on TrackingDesk?
No. As opposed to other tracking platforms and ad servers, TrackingDesk made the strategic choice to ease as much as possible the process of setting up campaigns. So beyond copy/pasting you do not need to be a developper or require a developper team to work with TrackingDesk

Do I need my own server or VPS to use TrackingDesk?
No. As opposed to other platforms, TrackingDesk is a hosted service (cloud based service, SaaS) and you do not need to have your own hosting or VPS service.

Does TrackingDesk hosts landing pages?
No. TrackingDesk doesn't host landing pages and you will need your own server for that purppose. We do recommend to use third party landing page builders such as .

Is TrackingDesk integrated with Google Adwords?
Yes, to some extent. Google Adwords passes their custom variables such as keywords into our system, which allow you to see each of your keywords' performances. However, you cannot set your bids through TrackingDesk.

Can I run any type of content through TrackingDesk?
No. There are content limitations such as hate speech, child pornography or defamatory content, that are not alloowed. Generally speaking, you should comply with your your local juridiction's laws regading the content you wish to promote.

Can I track mobile traffic?
Yes. TrackingDesk is 100% agnostic and can also track mobile traffic.

Why should I use trackingdesk?
To improve your ROI, manage more traffic and more efficiently.

What sort of companies are using TrackingDesk?
Affiliate marketers, media buyers, online marketing agencies and website owners

What is a Traffic Source?
It is a company, person, site, ad network or any entity that sends you traffic or a company from which you can buy traffic. In a nutshell, it's the entity who will send traffic to a campaign URL provided by TrackingDesk.

My traffic source is not predefined. How do i setup a new traffic source?
Refer to the
Knowledge Base for guidelines.

The affiliate network I am promoting is not predefined. Can I setup a custom affiliate network?
Yes, you can. Please refer to the Knowledge Base for the guidelines.

I don't own a domain. Can I still use TrackingDesk?
Yes, but for testing purpose only. Once you want to send live traffic, you should set a custom tracking domain in your TrackingDesk account.

What is the difference between landing pages and direct links (offer links)?
A landing page is a page that you build and own while an offer link is a tracking link provided to you by an affiliate network. Typically, if you work with a landing page, your campaign URL will initially redirect the traffic to the landing page and from the landing page 'Call To Action' the visitor will be sent to the offer link.

What traffic type are supported by TrackingDesk?
TrackingDesk supports all traffic types, but is mainly used for: Pop up/under, SEO, PPC, PPV, Display, Social Media, Email Marketing, Native Advertising and Mobile Advertising.

I run a blog. Can I still use TrackingDesk?
Yes. TrackingDesk can help you track conversions and campaigns even from organic and SEO traffic. Follow the guidelines provided in our knowledge base portal.

How much does the TrackingDesk service cost?
We currently offer 5 plans ranging from Free to $500/month. Please refer to our TrackingDesk pricing page for details.

Is my data safe?
Yes. We use the most advanced data encryption to store your data. In addition, we exclusively run on Amazon Web Services which provide cloud based services to some of the largest online organizations and have all the protocols, security and safety protocols implemented.

The affiliate network i promote doesn't provide support for pixel or postback tracking. Can I still use TrackingDesk to track my conversions?
Yes, if they allow you to append a dynamic variable to their tracking link and display your conversions grouped by this dynamic variable. Follow the guidelines provided in our knowledge base portal for manually uploading conversions in TrackingDesk.

Can I work with more than one Affiliate Network?
Yes. You can work with an unlimited number of affiliate networks.

How many traffic sources can I track?
As many as you want.

Is TrackingDesk similar to Google Analytics?
NO. Google Analytics is an analytic tool that provides you with reports on what is happening on your website, while TrackingDesk provides conversion information happening outside your site, blog or landing page. You should read the blog post about the differences between Google Analytics and TrackingDesk.

Does TrackingDesk make money out of traffic sent to affiliate networks?
No. We do not earn money out of the traffic coming in or going out of the platform.

Can I buy traffic from TrackingDesk?
No. TrackingDesk is a software, not a traffic supplier.

Can I set my traffic source postback URL in TrackingDesk?
Yes. Please refer to the Knowledge Base for the guidelines.

Where can I get help with my setup?
From whithin the platform you can access our knowledge base, and reach out to our team through our integrated messaging service or via the website Contact Form.