Empowers Online Sellers in the Biz of Cannabis

If you’re in the business of cannabis, you’re all-too-familiar with the complexities of the industry across the United States. The laws and regulations vary wildly the second you start crossing state lines, making the whole country a patchwork of cannabis cans and can’ts that are increasingly hard to follow.

Whether you’re making and selling a CBD-anything product—oils, ointments, gummy bears, honey sticks, breath mints—or setting up shop for other cannabis-related accoutrements like pipes, papers, and beyond, there are a lot of moving parts you have to pay attention to in order to stay successful (and legal) online.

One restrictive piece to the puzzle? Finding tech platforms that’ll let you operate your business on the web. From ecommerce platforms to payment processors and more, the…

This post originally appeared on Drip blog. We published a portion of it to give our readers a sense of what can be achieved with Drip platform. We highly recommend to continue reading this post.

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