2 Major Take Aways From The Amsterdam Affiliate Conference

Amersterdam Affiliate Conference exhibitions

I always have the great opportunity yearly to attend the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference.  Every year the conference has grown with new exhibitors and speakers sharing iGaming knowledge from all over the world.

This year it was nice to see old friends and make new ones while creating great business opportunities.  But if I had to sum up the 2016 AAC I would say that there are 2 major take aways:

1. Talk by Ryosei Kurihara (“Optimize Your Landing Page and See Your Conversions Soar”)

Making a landing page that can convert can be tough sometimes- what worked last year may not this one.  Kurihara delivered a great talk about how to landing page optimization with plenty of examples of conversion hacks.

2.The Conference Growth

AAC used to be exclusively for the iGaming sector and the past few years, the Financial Expo has slowly but surely taken more space to reach probably 50% of the overall conference floor. The indirect effect is that while lots of people are active in both sectors, but the external growth gained by each sector can often be attributed to cross marketing between sectors.

Additionally, the recent £19.7 million iGaming Business acquisition by Clarion made a huge noticeable impact on the event.  Alex Pratt of iGaming Business mentioned that “Clarion is widely regarded as the leading event organizer in gaming and we will be harnessing its expertise in order to improve customer engagement across our events.”  Pratt and the iGaming team not only made a smart deal with Clarion but have created amazing growth in attendance, professionalism, and organization in these events.

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Last but not least – this is about us

Data driven marketing is slowly making it’s way to the industry and it’s great news!  More affiliates are realizing that the huge quantity of data they have can be used to increase their revenue.

We’re happy to be right in the middle of this, with  data integrations with leaders in the industry.

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