3 Talks You Should Watch Out For In The Amsterdam Affiliate Conference

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The Amsterdam Affiliate Conference is one of my favorite iGaming industry events of the year.  It’s always nice reuniting with old friends, sharing stories, and getting industry insider tips.

Yet, we shouldn’t forget that we’re here to work and eventually learn a few things that might give us an edge, or allow us to stay on top of our game. The industry is changing and while big data has been around for a while, it seems that it is more reachable for affiliate marketers.

But there are 4 conference rooms with over 100 talks- The choices are endless and overwhelming.  After looking through the topics and speakers, I thought I’d save you the hassle and time of what you might not want to miss out on during the conference.  

3 Talks to Watch

 1) Optimize Your Landing Page and See Your Conversions Soar (Wednesday 12:00-12:25 PM)

      Ryosei Kurihara, Digital Marketing Executive, Venture Harbour

Knowing the psychological dynamics of a perfect landing page is always a great topic to generate leads and improve conversion rate.

    2)The Art of Conversion (Wednesday 14:00-14:45 PM)

John Lewis, Partner & CMO, Conversion Pros

Another great talk to watch out for conversion rate especially since Lewis comes from a ten year background of retail marketing industry.  

    3) Technical SEO auditing: How Healthy is Your Site (Thursday 12:00-12:45 PM)

Andy Blackburn, Search Director, Gameon

We all know how important it is to be on top of our SEO game to be on top of search results and get visitors to engage with our content.  

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Wrap Up

While many other speakers peak my interest, these are my top three must-sees for tracking data in affiliate marketing.  

The conference is a short four days but the memories will last forever (unless you forget how many drinks you’ve had ;).  Until then my friends, have a safe trip and i’ll see you soon.   

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