My name is Laurent Malka, the founder of TrackingDesk. I'm happy you're here checking out the platform and wanted to give you a brief history of how it all came to be.

Like many affiliate marketers I have always tried to find the magic campaign optimization formula. The solutions I used to buy media, manage and monetize traffic did a fine job. But I always felt like there was an unknown figure or broken link somewhere in the tracking chain.

Every time I checked out a new tracking software, it was always exciting to test and run my campaigns. I watched the screen anxiously waited for my first conversions to come. The overall results never really seemed to help me reach the benchmarks I wanted.

That's why I founded TrackingDesk - a platform that I wish existed back when I wanted to extract the most important analytics to get the best ROI possible. It eliminates all of the complicated leg work of optimizing affiliate campaigns and interpreting analytics.

I know all of your optimization needs will be met with TrackingDesk and if something is missing, our team is always happy to receive feedback and feauture requests. We will be there every step of the way and you can always send me a message with any inquiries.

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Laurent Malka
Founder, TrackingDesk

P.S. Like most people, I hate paying for a software before trying it out. I thought I'd give you a 30 day free trial to test TrackingDesk out. I'm confident you'll be happy with it and if you're not, I want to be the first to know about it.